Where I Was, Where I Am

I lived in a place of immeasurable beauty

Where the majestic Rocky Mountains greeted me in the West

And the pastel shades of sunset kissed the evening goodnight

Where mountain roads, with their twists and turns

Were exhilarating, breathtaking, and sure

And there I was happy, there I was home

And there was security, and family, and love

But I didn’t have to think

And I didn’t have to try

And I was never going to get the chance to spread my winds and fly

And then I heard a whisper turn into a shout

Telling me to go and take a chance beyond what I knew

And so I went


And now I live in a tiny village

In a country that is not my own

Wit rust-red roofs and narrow dirt roads

Where time slows, slows, slows until it stops

And I stop, and I feel free

Free of constraints, and expectations

But confined by a lack of language and communication

In a corner of the world 6,000 miles away from my comfort zone

But I still have the mountains in the West

And the soft lights of evening still bid the day farewell

And I still have people that love and care about me

So that even if I’m not home, it doesn’t mean I’m alone

And I see new forms of beauty everywhere

So even if I’m far away, I can still feel whole


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