For When You Keep Holding On

Once upon a time I heard God say,

“Give Me your dreams; let Me have My own way.”

And I said, “Sure God, that sounds great.”

But I held on to them, and I sat down to wait

And after each spring came summer and fall

And my mouth was still saying, “God, You have my all.”

But inside my heart were my dreams and desires

That burned within me like the flames of a fire

And my heart wrapped around them and didn’t let go

And when I fanned the flames they continued to grow

Until the smoke came up to suffocate me

And I cried out to God, “What are You doing to me?

I thought You said You would take care of all this

But I guess my understanding must have been amiss.

This isn’t what I thought You would do

Or how I thought You would follow through.”

And I heard God whisper in the gentlest way,

“My child, didn’t you listen to what I had to say?

I desperately want you to understand

That what I have planned for you is so grand

But it has to be a choice for you

That because you love me, it’s what you want to do.

So now, give Me your dreams and your plans.

See how I shape them with My very own hands

Until they’re refined, and they glorify Me

And they help you become who I created you to be.

I know it is scary to let go and trust

But if you want to live freely, it’s really a must.

So give Me your dreams, let Me have My own way

Because I’ve been with you every step, every day.”


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