If I’ve Never Told You “Thank You”

If I’ve never told you “thank you” let me try to say it now

Because you’ve impacted my life in such a big way, and I want you to know how.

How in fourth grade you inspired me to start writing poetry

Because we created poetry anthologies

And now, fourteen years have passed

But that love of poetry is something that continues to last.

Or how in sixth grade I started volunteering in your classroom

And thoughts of someday being a teacher started to bloom

Because I saw how you genuinely loved teaching, and I knew

That if I ever became a teacher, it would be because of you.

Or how when I babysat your children, they were always so polite

There could never be a doubt that they have been raised right

Whenever you left the house, you’d tell them, “Be a blessing”

And I still carry that with me as a valuable life lesson.

Or how when I was in college, you listened to my uncertainty

About what I wanted to do with my life and what I wanted to be

And I know that you often prayed for me

And that is something I will cherish eternally.

Or how you’ve always been a wonderful role model for me in the way you live

The way you pursue Christ, love others, serve them, and give

So if I’ve never told you “thank you”, let me try to say it now

But know that you deserve more thanks than simple words can allow


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