My Hope for You

This song is my hope for the broken ones

Who are beaten down, spat upon, coming undone.

The ones who are feeling like they’re on their own

Take my hand, come with me; you’re not alone.

Let me be your voice if they take yours away;

I’ll be the vessel through which you have your say.

And let me be your listening ear

To hear all your struggles, and dry all your tears.

I know that in this world you’re losing trust

Because far too many people look at you with disgust

Like you don’t matter, like you’re nothing, like you have no worth;

But listen now, hear me clearly; you are meant for this earth.

You are vibrant and precious, wild and free;

A hurricane of potential, a storm out at sea.

And there’s no stopping you if you give it your all,

But don’t be discouraged if you must start out small.

Just keep keeping on, let the world hear your voice.

Be the hope for the others that they still have a choice

To fight their way out of their false prison cells

Built of hatred from others; floored with seas of eggshells

Where if they speak up they’re stepping out of line

But if they’re silent it must mean that everything’s fine.

So, for those who cannot stand on their own

Let’s speak out, pave the way, and let them be known.


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