How Will You Live?

You are what you do and what you believe

Not confined by what others seem to perceive

Where you’re heading, where you’ve been

Where you are now is where you begin

It’s for you to decide, dear; where will you go?

Where will you flourish, and blossom, and grow?

Certainly not in your comfort zone

Where you tend to be satisfied being alone

No, you need other people by your side

To lift you up, to help fight the tide

To teach you life beyond your corner of the world

Where what you thought you knew comes unfurled

Don’t just be a tourist

Checking items off of a bucket list

Forget all your preconceived notions

And never waste a day just going through the motions

Immerse yourself in the culture of others

Mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers

Embrace the way the clouds envelop the mountain top

Or the sprawling fields that become your backdrop

Savor the interactions of the families

Where entire villages have community

Enjoy way too much coffee and tea

And realize that often time and plans mean flexibility

Don’t live life hiding behind a camera lens

Or within a house, within the confines of a white picket fence

Life is short, so live it well

Create for yourself stories to tell

Of things you never thought you’d do

Adventures you had; people you knew

Don’t let fear hold you back

Focus on your strengths, not what you lack

Invest your life in what you love

And when the water gets rough, keep your head up

Build a life for which you can say

That you wouldn’t have had it any other way


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