For the Love of Life

I’m beginning to see how you can fall in love

With a place, and it’s people, and moments in time

How something so large and seemingly intangible

Now rings through with the words, “I claim this as mine.”

The way the sun shines through the haze of the day

The applause of the leaves in the trees

As the breath of the wind commands your attention

And the beauty of nature calls out, “Look at me, please.”

When the mountains are splendorous, rising above

Clothed in garments that bring them no shame

And you feel they are beckoning, calling you home

In the sweetest way, saying your name

And the gurgling creek laughs the purest of laughs

Saying, “Dear, let me sing you a song.

Let me tell you of wonders you’ve still yet to see,

Here’s the life that you’ve craved all along.”

In the simplest of things comes an abundance of hope

In the midst of it all, you find joy

If you ever feel discouraged, empty, or sad

Cling to hope that cannot be destroyed

Savor life, savor hope, savor moments you have

Embrace them and they’ll never be gone

Remember the bad times, too; when you felt weak

For that’s when you realize you’re strong

Fall in love with the way people share what they love

When they speak with a light in their eyes

And they share with you all the things that make up them

And you break through their outer disguise

Fall in love with a smile, and happiness

And laughter that cannot be contained

So it bubbles, and chuckles, until it just flows

And you feel cleansed as though it has just rained

And what about smells, the fragrance of a rose?

Or the scent of fresh dew at dawn?

What about your favorite candle scent,

Or the smell of a freshly mowed lawn?

What about a brewing pot of coffee?

The bold aroma that tickles your nose

And the humming noise as the coffee trickles into the pot

Is a melody your heart and ears know

And words, written words, that flow on a page

Running careless, and wild, and free

Composing stories and poems, memories and songs

Reflecting the author that brought them to be

And never stop loving falling in love

Never stop wondering, being amazed

At all you encounter, all you adore

In this life you’ve been given in grace


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