Dearly Loved

I’ve come to a point in life where I want to draw near You

Because I’m told it’s worth it, and that I’ll like the view.

But as I draw closer it becomes clear to see

That following Christ Jesus will cost me everything.

The more I read Your Word, the clearer is Your voice;

From the depths inside of me You beckon, “Make a choice.

Make a choice, beloved. Come to Me and see

That though you lose the things of earth, You gain all of Me.

I’ll be your strength when you are weak; Your hope when you are lost.

When you think eternally You’ll see it’s worth the cost.

I am the Giver of true life, the Godhead Trinity.

I am the Potter of the clay from which you came to be.

I am the Voice from heaven, I am the Servant’s Heart.

You cannot stray too far from Me; My love will never part.

Dear child of Mine, can’t you see? My love for you abounds.

And though there are trials on this earth You’ll one day wear a crown.

So let Me come and interfere, let your trust rest in Me.

I know it won’t be comfortable but it will set you free.

I want to work My love through you, to use your hands and feet.

I want truth and grace to echo through to everyone you meet.

But your heart is tightly gripped around what you still hope will be.

I know they may be good things, but child, give them to Me.

Give them to Me and I will do more than you ever could,

For I am just and I love you and all My ways are good.”

And as I grow on my way of intentional pursuit of Christ

I find what I surrender to Him is surely worth the price.

And though I stumble and I fall, His grace flows from above.

Only because of who He is can I be so dearly loved.


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