A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words

So if you believe that’s true

If your life were captured in one photo

What would it say about you?

Would you be all alone in your photograph,

Or surrounded by family and friends?

Or would it be your favorite landscape?

Towering mountains or a riverbend

Would a smile be dancing across your lips?

A grin that could never be contained

And you can see laughter that bubbled up,

Captured in this photo, forever engraved

Or would you be solemn and wearing a frown

Put there by circumstances beyond your control

From an event in your life that brought so much pain

That it ripped, and it tore, and it gnawed at your soul

And where would you be in this picture of yours?

Would you be in your favorite place?

The location that makes you feel most alive,

Where happiness radiates out of your face.

Or would you be at the place that you call home?

Whether it’s a building, or with people you love

Or a place in time when you felt most at peace

And you felt the sun’s warmth pouring down from above.

And would this photograph be crisp and new,

As though it’s been kept out of sight?

It’s for your own use, kept for just you to see;

It’s only for your own delight

Or are the corners worn, and bent, and exposed

Because you carry it everywhere?

You don’t see a point in having something so beautiful

To keep for yourself and not share

But what if picking the picture wasn’t up to you?

What if everyone around you got a say?

Do you think they see you the way you see you?

Or would their choices blow you away?

Maybe where you see scars, they see beauty

And where you see flaws, they see strength

Or maybe they see bitterness, brokenness, holes

Because you’ve always kept them at arm’s length

Maybe they see helping hands that have lifted them up

Or listening ears they’ve turned to for advice.

But what if they see someone hardened and cold

Whose friendship was not worth the price?

And ultimately, the picture is what they perceive

And the thousand words come from the life that you lead

So live in the way that you want them to see

So they’ll have the thousand words that you want them to read


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